For PM Army Acquisitions Business, we were tasked with developing various User Interfaces for a multitude of applications.  This particular application had a wide array of users with unique reasons for using this application which resulted in many different use-cases to satisfy.

What We Delivered:

  • User Experience
  • User Interface Design
  • Frontend Development


Throughout our process we were also tasked with guiding the overall look and feel for the entire web portal and underlying applications.  To do this we developed a living styleguide that was built upon the same structure and code base as the other applications we developed. This guide was very simple for the development team to use. Upon browsing to the styleguide URL they are greeted with a box that says “How should it look”  they would then choose the UI element they were looking for and the page would refresh with how that item should look -as rendered- within the browser and provide code examples for usage. This cut down a lot of superfluous back and forth communication because rather than ask us, they had it all at their fingertips.