About Blindsheep Digital

Blindsheep Digital was the culmination of many years of consulting, developing solutions, and leading teams for various companies to develop digital solutions.  While serving clients across a number of verticals we saw common themes within all of our conversations.  That theme was “Digital technology overload” and not being able to leverage the Digital Technologies our clients had in house in order to effectively meet their needs.  Our mission is to solve this problem.

When you work with Blindsheep Digital you are bringing in a Digital Experience expert to be your partner in achieving your goals.  Don’t know your goals? We can help with that too.   While others may come in and offer you a black box solution adding even more pieces of technology to maintain we will evaluate what you have in-house and how we can first use that!   Our mission is to create usable complete Digital Experiences for our clients and we will not be happy until you find your way home!