DCBA Law & Policy

With DCBA Law & Policy we had the opportunity to modernize their current web experience so that DCBA could house more granular information about their practices, attorneys, and the firm.

What We Delivered:

  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • User Interface Design
  • Frontend Development




Our task was to deliver a redesigned web experience through the usage of strong information architecture and organization of content.   We were able to successfully complete this task while still retaining a design that minimizes scrolling and exudes the modern touch that DCBA wants to convey.


The main goal for our strategy session for this site is understand how we can simplify the IA while also allowing the user to dive in more deeply on practice areas and capabilities within the firm.  We created a hierarchical structure that was no deeper than 2 levels with the ability to expand content blocks within the page to get even more detail about a particular topic.


Our User Experience phase is fueled directly by our Strategy. We take the things we have learned from our strategy and develop wireframes that take into account users, personas, and the goals that drive them. Our wireframes are high fidelity, meaning that they take into account the exact layout, typography, and functionality choices that will drive the site and serve as a 1:1 template that we then build our design mockups from.


For our design phase we take our wireframes that have been developed and then skin them with the appropriate colors, type treatments, and imagery to make the wireframes come to life. The UX and UI phases are iterative and go through many rounds of revisions and changes while working with the client in order to get something that is not only functional but also meets the clients goals and objectives.  You’ll notice for this particular client there is a bit of deviation between the wireframes and executed design.


For our development approach we built a fully custom WordPress experience.  Our WordPress experience not only focused on the ease of use for the front-end of the website but it also enabled DCBA authors to be able to easily add, edit, and remove content through our custom backend.

Technologies Used:

  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • SASS
  • jQuery